Landrace Maternal



Landrace are noted for their ability to farrow and raise large litters.

The Landrace breed is promoted on its ability to cross well with other breeds. As well Landrace are known for their length of body, high percentage of carcass weight in the ham and loin, and ideal amount of finish. Landrace are prolific sows that farrow large pigs and which are exceptionally heavy milkers.

Source: National Swine Register

Yorkshire Maternal




Large Whites have white skin and are free from black hair. They are a large-framed, late-maturing type and have a long middle and light shoulders. They are longer in the leg than are other breeds and tend to have poor ham development and long deep sides. The head is moderately long with the face slightly dished, and the ears are pricked.

Source: National Swine Register




Topigs Z-line

Topigs Z-line is a purebred sow line originating from Large White. It is known for a strong fertility performance and robustness. Also; in combination with unrelated lines 8% increase in fertility performance can be expected due to heterosis effect. Topigs Z-line shows high level pure line performance for finishing and carcass traits, and the weighting of these traits have been further emphasized in the breeding goals.

Source: Topigs Norsvin